Hardwood floors are a popular flooring choice in many homes. They offer durability and added beauty. However, they can also be confusing. With different varieties and species it’s often difficult and overwhelming to navigate the world of wood floors. So your experts at Floor Coverings International of Henderson, NV are here to be your guides! We’ll start with wood floor compositions.

Solid Wood

Solid wood planks are the most “pure” of the wood options as they are milled using one solid hardwood, with no added materials like an engineered or laminate to make the plank. These are usually the priciest of all the wood flooring options. They can be re-sanded and re-finished should they become damaged and have a long expected flooring lifetime, which can offset the upfront cost. They come in a variety of species but the most popular are oak, maple, and cherry. For the most environmentally conscious solid hardwood options, look for the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) seal and for domestic species which reduces emissions due to transportation of the product.


Engineered wood planks have layers instead of one single hardwood. The hardwood, which is visible to the eye and is stepped upon, is bonded to a composite of different woods or fiberboard core. Many engineered woods feature a click and lock system, making for a fairly easy installation. While these do have a layer of solid wood, some brands cannot be re-finished if damage occurs, which means the whole floor would have to be replaced. However, they can be considered more stable than solid woods as they do not contract or expand as much when the humidity changes, although this is not a major issue in Nevada.


Laminate hardwood options are usually made using a core made of a high-density particle or fiber board, layered together with the backing, image layer, and a protective top layer all pressed together at high heat. Many people do not consider these true wood floors; however they do give a very similar look especially with recent printing innovations. They often fare better than vinyl look-alikes and need very little maintenance. They are good options for high traffic areas. Unlike wood floors that can be re-sanded or re-finished if they are damaged, laminate floors cannot. You should take this into consideration if you are considering this option.

Linoleum and Vinyl

They are not wood floors by any means, but they do imitate the look of hardwood floors at more economical price points. They often require less maintenance than a hardwood floor and hold up well in high-traffic areas. Linoleum can even be considered a green flooring option!

Here at Floor Coverings International of Henderson, we want to help you create your dream home. Your dream home should also be functional to meet your needs and your flooring choice should reflect that. To start creating your dream home, give us a call for your free in-home estimate!