Sometimes known as “eclectic” décor, the act of mixing and matching design styles from a variety of eras and sources is a careful balancing act. As the name implies, getting the look in your home will require both the use of mixing and matching items. It is a trend that has continued into the New Year, and that we believe will continue to grow as many people have different interests and furniture items that go along with those interests. In addition, design styles are being combined in this way to create whole new sub-styles and new genres of self-expression. When mixing and matching, there are multiple combinations of styles that you can use to achieve the look in your home.


Matching will be important to give your room, and or home, continuity and a uniting factor. This can be done with a similar motif or color.

An example with color is when using a modern desk and a more traditional-styled chair, having them in the same color, like a white, can ease the eye into the space and make the two items seem connected.

Carrying similar motifs and patterns, even if they’re from different time periods can also have this effect. Damask or paisley prints can look modern depending on the colors and materials that they are used in.

Elements shouldn’t be by their lonesome. There should be some factor that connects it to another piece in your room. It is better to have things in pairs, so one piece that is modern should have another item that is from the same era. It doesn’t have to be the same exact piece either. If it is a lamp, don’t feel forced to have another lamp in the room, but something from the same era should be present.

In addition, having similar shapes in your space will give cohesion and tend to look ‘right’ next to each other; curved shapes with other curved items, and boxy and linear pieces with other similar ones. Even keeping items to scale can prove to be important when combining styles so as not to disrupt the eye.


This can be a really fun way to stretch your brain muscles to come up with unique options that fit your design. This is where you bring the design styles together. It is just one way to add intrigue and interest to a space.

One way to achieve this is by being a bit surprising. You can try mixing a traditional table with your choice of sleek chairs. Bump it up a notch by incorporating the form of a traditional table with new materials like Lucite. Making use of bold colors, especially on older and more traditional pieces can help successfully meld two design styles together (such as the traditional and modern home).

Don’t forget the floors! Using them and highlighting them in the design scheme can make everything seem grounded. If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful old wood floors, parquet is even better, you can try re-staining them to a more modern finish or even painting a fun design on them. Rugs are a great way to mix in some modern edge.

There needs to be a healthy amount of balance, hence a mix and match. Too much matching would defeat the purpose of infusing two design styles, and could be too bland for your taste. On the other hand, too much mixing could look borderline crazy leaving the eye and viewer feeling distant, aloof, and confused.

While it may be difficult at first, when it is done right it will look great and you can feel very proud of the work you accomplished. Have you achieved the look in your home? We want to see how it turned out for you. Be sure to send us an email or share them in a comment. If you want to achieve the look, our flooring associates can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment so we can bring the samples, and suggestions, right to your home!

This blog post features a photo by Kevin Connors, used under the morgueFile License. ©Kevin Connors. It shows a nice blend between traditional and modern elements.