Karen Saberzadeh 2013At Floor Coverings International of Henderson, we strive to bring a local perspective to our work.  Today, we bring you an interview with local real estate agent Masoud Saberzadeh from Las Vegas 4 Us.

Floor Coverings International: Can you tell me a little about yourself? How did you get involved in real estate?

Masoud Saberzadeh: My name is Masoud Saberzadeh and I practice real estate with my partner Karen Saberzadeh. My background is engineering, but I was involved in a serious auto accident that resulted in many surgeries and I was unable to work for a few years.
In 2003 we decided to move to Las Vegas not knowing what I was going to do; however in 2003-2004 real estate was doing well, so I became a real estate agent. You can find more in about us in my web-site

FCI: What do you enjoy about working in the Las Vegas area?

MS: As a former engineer I can tell you that becoming an authority in Las Vegas real estate, which we strive for, is at least as challenging as learning engineering. But learning how to do real estate deals correctly is just part of what we do. Dealing with different types of clients and overcoming problems is an art which I truly enjoy. In engineering if the science is right you achieve the desired result, not in real estate and that is what I enjoy most.

FCI: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone planning to move?

MS: Learn all that they can about where they are planning to move. But as it comes to real estate, their Realtor or real estate agent can be the difference between a great deal or a bad experience. There are many good Realtors and real estate agents in Las Vegas and then there are some bad agents.
Those who plan to relocate to Las Vegas should thoroughly research for the best agents online and then let him do his/her thing while being informed about what is going on at all times.

One of our biggest problems is hearing back from agents that we call, just the other day we called and left voice mails and text messages about his listing and never heard back, we just moved to another listing.

A simple test would be to call a few agents and see how and if they answer. If the agent does not get back to them in one calendar day, they should avoid that agent. Good agents answer their phone.

FCI: What do you find rewarding about working in real estate?

MS: The fact that being a good real estate agent requires both people skills and knowledge, however the single most rewarding is seeing our client’s happy faces in the conclusion of their deal and getting a kiss on the cheek. That you can’t buy at any price.


Masoud can be found online at www.lasvegas4us.com.