There isn’t much benefit to a squeaky floor. Many times the squeak is in a high-foot traffic area, so you and others can hear it all the time. Here at Floor Coverings International of Henderson, NV, we want to help you find a way to pinpoint the problem and fix your squeaky floor.

Why It’s Squeaky And Finding The Source

Squeaky floors are usually the result of wood rubbing against piping, other pieces of wood, or a nail. Finding the source of the noise can be difficult. One way to find the source is to enlist someone’s help and have them rock back and forth on the noisy area while you listen. If your floor is open below, you can go below and listen, watching for movement from the subfloor.

If you’re working alone however, you can measure its location in relation to a wall that you can locate below. After you’ve measured this distance, go downstairs to find this distance along the subfloor and see if you can find anything from below.

Fixing The Squeak

First, take a piece of wood and fasten it against the floor joist. This will fix the large gaps that cause the nails to squeak when the subfloor moves. Placing a wood piece against the floor joist will prevent the subfloor from moving and rubbing the nail. If the problem instead comes from the floor separating from the subfloor, use a screw to bring the two closer. Be sure not to use a long screw, so that it doesn’t poke out of the floor and injure anyone in the house.

Fixing a squeak from above the floor involves a hammer and finish nails. If you have wood floors, you will first have to locate the squeak and then hammer in a long finish nail into the floor joist (you can find joists with a stud sensor). If you instead have carpeted floors, you will have to cut a hole in the carpet above where the squeak is located. After peeling the carpet back, hammer a screw through the floor and subfloor so that the two come together.

Squeaky floors can be a huge nuisance but can be taken care of fairly easily. You don’t have to be stuck with that pesky noise forever! At Floor Coverings International of Henderson, NV, our flooring experts are here to help you if you need more assistance! We proudly serve the greater Las Vegas, NV area.

Photo by Maryhere, used under morgueFile License.