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At Floor Coverings International, serving the Las Vegas, Nevada area, we know that kitchens are a place where family and friends gather. Our customers want a kitchen that looks stylish, but is also built to last. Kitchens must use sturdy and durable materials to make sure that they can withstand the traffic and activities that occur in a kitchen. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favorite kitchen floors that are perfect for your home no matter if you’re looking for something show stopping or something simpler.


Many homes use hardwood floors throughout, and the kitchen is no exception. Hardwood is very durable, so it can stand daily meal prep and large dinner parties. In addition, cleaning up spills and accidents is very easy while still maintaining a luxurious look. Hardwood can feel better to stand on versus other materials such as tile and vinyl, making it a great choice especially if you expect to spend a lot of time in your kitchen.

In addition, solid and engineered hardwood floors can be refinished if scratches and dents from dropped pans appear on your floors.

Natural Stone

From rugged slate to sleek marble, natural stone tiles are sure to impress. Natural stones are very sturdy and are often cool to the touch making it perfect for the desert temperatures here in Nevada. Many natural stones are water-resistant and are easy to clean if a spill should occur. You should be aware that some stones are more delicate than others and will need to be regularly sealed and finished to help prevent stains or scuffs. To go over your different natural stone options, we recommend talking with a tile flooring expert like a member of our team here at Floor Coverings International.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

If you love the look of hardwood or natural stone but are on a budget, luxury vinyl tile may be the best fit for your kitchen. Advances in printing technologies make luxury vinyl tile look even more like more expensive flooring options while providing an easier installation. In addition, many vinyl tiles and planks are distressed to give your floors an even more realistic feel underfoot.

LVT is right at home in a kitchen as it is durable and water-resistant. The top wear layer will protect your floors from scratches and make any spills easy. Armstrong’s Alterna™ brand of luxury vinyl products are popular in the Las Vegas area. Give your local Las Vegas team at Floor Coverings International a call today to schedule your complimentary estimate where we bring the flooring store to your door!

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