brian was a great in deaing with me and explaining everything. Price was reasonable. But it took a month to instal a carpet first it was not enough carpet. A month of calling and asking for a job to finish. Then i got installer that did an awful job i have another week for the peoblem to be fixed.
Mohammed Amran
Quality product. Great representative. Attention to detail.
Carol Smith
The owner of this franchise is a joke. Her and her sales rep lied to my husband and I. The installer disappeared for a week and no one called to check on things. We were then told the installer quit but then the installer contacted us and wanted to finish the job. The whole thing was a mess. I got a weird feeling the first time dealing with them. I wish I would have gone with my gut and chose another company from the beginning.
Onnica Loredo
MDL Group
Professional and worked hard to please. Did a great job
Melissa Carter
The install guys were very professional. Did a great job!
Shari Cahill
Never will I do business with a company that wants half down payment. I had nothing but a terrible three days from hell. I also fell on wet cement that was left exposed on floor at 8 pm. No one returns phone calls and owner should retire and does not now how to deal with customers. Your company is over price and not worth the headaches. All I know is they were very eager to get my down payment. Also what companies can you tell me that donot accept major credit cards? Anyone that would ask me about your company I would state run as fast as you can.
Vivian Dinubila
Paul Daly
Love my floor and only found a couple of nicks so will ask how do I cover them up. Would also like to know where I can get one of their large dust mops?
Linda Miller
There is paint dripping from the walls, grout is uneven, spacers were too wide, boxes were not mixed so the floor looks fake in spots, General Contractor did not come by to check on Sub's work. However, the work was horrible. I have to live with this for the rest of my life. The holes that were cut in the floors were never fixed. Bed fell once I sat on it. I am 100 pounds. Lamp was broken, tables were dinged bad! and .... just, I am done thinking about it. Then she calls to get a reference. I almost laughed. We will be paying thousands to fix their crappy job. All because I could not say no. I owe my husband a huge amends. I will never get in his business again. I will only shop. He can do the construction stuff. I was a sucker, and a fool. They even drank on the job!
Linda Garrett